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There's a better way to publish, streamline and monetize video content. Drive engagement and revenue with our best-in-class technology.

Maximize Revenue Across Any Device

Uiza equips publishers with the tools they need to make strategic choices for monetization and inventory allocation in an increasingly fragmented landscape.
  • Maximize Sellout Rate

    Maximize Sellout Rate

    Holistic decisioning maximizes the opportunity of each and every impression through direct and programmatic channels. Reach 100% sell-out and broaden the available inventory with premium audiences outside of owned and operated media.

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  • Reach Audiences Everywhere

    Reach Audiences Everywhere

    Our multi-platform SDKs and device-agnostic video delivery ensures that every user sees the best quality ad. It enables sellers to monetize all traffic regardless of device or platform.

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  • Advance Monetization Tools

    Advance Monetization Tools

    Uiza offers the most advance tools to assist you on monetizing your video contents such as interactive ads.

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  • Charge Your Audiences in Different Ways

    Charge Your Audiences in Different Ways

    Uiza enables various method to monetize your video contents and diversify the way you charge your audiences such as AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, pay to remove ads, opening up new market segments to be exploited.

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Powerful Online Video Management

End-to-end online video management that’s data-optimized—so you can make smarter choices as you produce, distribute and monetize.
  • Optimize Time, Money and Human Resouces

    Optimize Time, Money and Human Resouces

    Uiza's solution is an impeccable substitute to a complex infrastructure that cost an enormous investment and substantial human resource to develop and operate. It is proven that Uiza's solution could save you up to 73% compare to in-house solutions.

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  • Boost Efficiency

    Boost Efficiency

    Build custom workflows to automate technical processes like transcode, QC and playout, create content packages for partners, or alert users when they need to take action. Uiza automates manual, tedious tasks to save you time and money, and so your team can focus on being creative.

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  • One Platform - Multiple Destination

    One Platform - Multiple Destination

    Simply uploading your videos to Uiza, we will deliver them to any destination of your choice whether it is a social network (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter…) or websites that support video. Uiza also allows you to publish videos to native players of destination site.

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  • Ads Management Made Simple

    Ads Management Made Simple

    Uiza's interface is comprehensive and optimized to make ads management simple. Adding cue-point, choosing advertisement, setting frequency… could be done in matter of minutes.

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  • Digital Right Management

    Digital Right Management

    DRM tool developed by Uiza protects your video contents at highest level. Downloaded videos are unplayable and screen recording is disabled. Uiza also supports other Hollywood-certified DRM tools.

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  • Make Smarter Business Decisions

    Make Smarter Business Decisions

    See exactly how your users watch and what delights them most. Use Uiza's best-in class analytics to make smart business decisions about your video investments.

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Deliver The Best User Experience to your Audience

When it comes to video contents, user experience is everything. Excellent experience accelerate engagement, engagement generates revenue. Understanding this, we design Uiza to maximize your user experience without requiring extra effort.
  • The Best Experience for Your Audience

    The Best Experience for Your Audience

    With Uiza's advance transcoding tool, video files are much more compact but the quality is unaffected. Files with smaller size are streamed faster and streaming speed is boosted by Uiza's exclusive CDN controller which was design to minimize buffering, bringing the best experience for you audience.

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  • Seamless Streaming

    Seamless Streaming

    Buffering time beforee and after an advertisement could devastate the whole user experience. To prevent that, Uiza offers cloud-based ads insertion, meaning that ads and videos are streamed paralelly, creates a seamless stream that makes advertisement pleasant. 

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  • Improve Brand Preference

    Improve Brand Preference

    Personalized video recommendations engine by Uiza helps improve user engagement and therefore increase your brand preference.

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  • Individually great

    Individually great

    Not only able to make your video compatible all video-display devices available, Uiza also detects your audience's devices automatically in order to stream the video profile which, is optimized for such device, and effectively enhance speed and quality of the video.

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Proven Video Solutions for Every Business Need

Uiza's proven end-to-end video solutions offer a flexible platform for any business model and a beautiful, personalized user experience. With a track record of successful Tier 1 deployments, Uiza offers one of the fastest times to market for launching your own OTT platform.
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Services we Provided
Holistic yield management and programmatic platform

Uiza equips publishers with the tools they need to make strategic choices for monetization and inventory allocation in an increasingly fragmented landscape. Our platform integrates with the seller’s video technology workflows to deliver premium video ads seamlessly, anywhere and everywhere.

Services we Provided
Video Platform as a Service

Uiza VPaaS (Video Platform as a Service) allows you to build any video experience or workflow, and to integrate rich video experiences into existing applications, business workflows and environments. 
Uiza VPaaS eliminates all complexities involved in handling video at scale: ingestion, transcoding, metadata, playback, distribution, analytics, accessibility, monetization, security, search, interactivity and more. 

Available as an open API, with a set of SDKs, developer tools and dozens of code recipes, we’re making the video experience creation process as easy as it gets. 

Services we Provided

Manage your media assets at best-in class platform. Content, devices, and household management are a snap, with easy-to-use live and VOD ingestion and processing, data enrichment, HD transcoding, adaptive bit-rate streaming, and flexible backends.

Services we Provided

Monetize your Video Platform with any business model— ads, subscriptions, transactions, freemium, or a combination.

Services we Provided